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About the Collaboration

Ready to be part of something big? T10 and Snowball Money are joining forces, and we want you on our team! By joining the waitlist, you're not just signing up—you're becoming a crucial part of the team.

Get ready for exclusive access to T10s first Digital Asset. A few lucky fans will also get a chance to meet some players, win gift cards, or game worn memorabilia! Your seat on the waitlist is your ticket to being a key player in this exciting journey. Don't miss out—join us now and let's make history together!

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About Snowball

Snowball Money delivers a streamlined multi-chain wallet, it's the simplest gateway for users to swap, stake, earn and invest in digital assets. Projects can tap into Snowball's vast user base for community growth and revenue opportunities.

Snowball partners with companies and helps bring them and their users to the blockchain. Available on iOS and Android, Snowball redefines ease of access in the dynamic world of decentralized finance.